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“Glimpse of the story of my journey in the past, the One who said the evidence, that I love every human being to what it is without any care about the differences in others , without question the difference of any religion, I do not mind at all whatever the religion believed by others !!!”…..

The bitter experience and eventually become sweet …

In 1998 in the month of October until mid-December I had lived in this building with other homeless people, in Everett Washington. indeed a valuable experience, which has made me more and more respect for myself and others and increasingly appreciate the sense of togetherness. and experiences in my past, which may not seem beautiful in the eyes of some people, it only made me brave, strong, steadfast and sincere in accepting anything as bitter reality I have to face …

Thanks to Almighty of God the Most Giving, which has led me to “Everett Gospel Mission, through the intermediary of my friends named rob, thanks ROBBERT!, keep you head up, buddy! ..” and thanks to all the volunteers, you guys are good people and you guys are the ones valuable in this life … “hope one day we can meet again “….. Man’s shelter is located 3711 smith ave, Everett WA.USA.

“I did not ever feel that I’ve become righteous or good, and I also never felt that I was the most correct or the most good. I am only human beings alone, dirty and full of sin which is struggling to clean my soul from the sins of the past. “Indeed, I think, who am I?, if I felt that I was the one who is good and best of all, indeed I think, who I was ?!… I had absolutely no right to feel that I was good, what else if to feel that I am the best person, I absolutely have no right!. because only God who knows, whether or not someone !”….

“And I’m afraid if I feel that I have become good and I was very scared when I came to feel that I am the best person”, and I never wanted to feel like it !!!”

“I love to make friends with anyone regardless of whatever religion in believe by my friend or someone else … picture the homeless shelter building on top of that. a few years ago, I had lived there for two months, the building is loaded with social activity that is managed by volunteers whose people are the majority of Christianity .. “has been taught the meaning of how important live peacefully side by side”. “And still respect each other belief differences exist in every human being”. I indeed now been turned into a religious fanatic in Islam, but that’s just for my own. while the reply to other people. please you want to believe in any religion I will always keep you and I appreciate anyone will still be friends with whoever you are and whatever religion you believe, I do not care because it is not my business!. and I do not have the right to blaspheme any religion that believed in by others. and I also have no right to hate any religion that believed in by others …. Lakum Dinukum Waliyadin (Al-Kafirun 6) … for you your religion. for me my religion …Thanks so very much to the Almighty of God who always love us…..


Comments on: "Lakum Dinukum Waliyadin…for you,your religion.for me my religion…" (2)

  1. Gabriel Agustinus Usmanij said:

    I don’t care what you believe my friend, you’re still my friend….

    • that’s what i like being friend with you…always except me and your other friend without have any problem with any religion others people believe…thanks

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